The future is tilted


Ruukki is reshaping the future of premium cladding with the launch of Ruukki® Primo. Featured with big smooth surface panels, unique tilted joints, clear portfolio, extensive design and technical support, replaceable cladding panels, together with trusted processes and market-wide expertise, Ruukki is rewriting the rules on how facades are brought to life in an urban environment. Designing a building’s envelope is no longer defined by limitations, but rather by opportunities.

Big flat surface

Think smooth on your way to thinking big

The new Ruukki® Primo cladding system featuring large flat surface panels enable high-end design solutions. The bigger and smoother panels help you on your way to discover new aesthetic horizons.


Tilted joint

The future of contemporary cladding is tilted

Ruukki® Primo cladding system features unique tilted joints (patent pending) with variable joint widths. The innovative details make a measurable difference in maintenance costs.


Standing the test of time with replaceable panels

Ruukki® Primo cladding panels are individually replaceable. You no longer need special resources to complete whatever repairs might be needed.


Trusted process

Choosing a cladding doesn't have to be an adventure

The Ruukki® Primo cladding system is manufactured following trusted processes. The process of choosing a premium cladding system doesn't have to be a source of worry and concern, but can instead create a roadmap to comfort.

Design support

An extensive variety of service expertise available

Ruukki provides technical and design support at each key stage of the facade design and procurement process. Our service expertise helps you focus on your core competency.


Upgrade your designs with a clear portfolio

The Ruukki® Primo offers a clear and sophisticated portfolio. Your design are no longer limited by availability but imagination.

main product image

Ruukki Primo Skyline 100

  • Width: 200...4000 mm
  • Height: 200...1000 mm
  • Depth: 40 mm
  • Fasteners: concealed
Available also with perforation and backlighting.

main product image

Ruukki Primo Skyline 150

  • Width: 200...800 mm
  • Height: 200...4000 mm
  • Depth: 40 mm
  • Fasteners: concealed
Available also with perforation and backlighting.

main product image

Ruukki Primo Skyline 1000

  • Minimum size: 200 x 200 mm
  • Maximum size: 6200 x 1900 mm (free orientation)
  • Depth: 40 mm
  • Fasteners: concealed


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