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Employee story

Matias Myntti, Summer trainee (Marketing & Communications), Finland

I started as a summer helper on Ruukki's marketing and communications team in 2015. A sizeable website project was being planned, which I got to be part of from the very beginning. Group and project work were already reasonably familiar to me from my Bachelor of Business Administration studies, but my idea of project work took on a whole new dimension during my time at Ruukki. The project was carried out with thorough planning, scheduling and continuous development. I tried my best to assimilate these skills from my professionally skilled team. It was also great to see how the excellent cooperative spirit of our team and the whole office dominated our efforts.
A summer worker who was young and inexperienced, but thereby hungrier for knowledge and full of enthusiasm, was warmly welcomed. It was a real pleasure to be at work. The encouraging atmosphere provided superb conditions for development and the responsibility I was given made my work feel meaningful and significant. Of course, being a "junior" in the office also resulted in an eagerness to complete the tasks in an exemplary, effective way.

A large part of my work was working as a website editor: modifying and adapting the appearance and content of web pages as well as resolving emerging problems. Since new types of issues came up almost every day, the learning process was continuous, and my digital skills developed considerably. The various programs gradually became familiar, but what was more important was my wider digital understanding. The software operational models became clearer, and I learned to understand the idea behind the programs; for example, why something works a certain way. Digitalization being the dominating megatrend, I consider developing this sort of understanding a significant competitive advantage in the labour market in the future.

One aspect united all stages and goals of the project: customer orientation. It was integral to make the service easy for the customer, and seeing this in practice provided valuable experience on the subject. As a concept, the theme was naturally familiar to me, ease and simplicity being an objective of digitalization. It was nevertheless exciting to see how customer orientation functions as one of the supporting strengths of a business enterprise.

In studies in business economics, we delve into the operations of the company's various departments and at a particular stage we specialize in, for example, marketing, financing, accounting or leadership. It often seems that matters are examined only from the perspective of one's own specialization and the idea of the total entity remains deficient. At Ruukki, however, I have noted how various departments engage in cooperation with each other and how everyone should ultimately function together to achieve the best possible final result. My business thinking is significantly deeper than when I arrived at the company. I can sincerely say that similar expertise can not be learned in the classroom. In my view, the obligatory traineeships at universities of applied sciences generates a competitive edge on the labour market in comparison to other universities and colleges.