Employee story

Jenni Kainulainen, Strategy Manager, Finland


At 9 a.m. on a Monday morning, I usually...

Have a cup of coffee with my colleagues and start preparing for the week's meetings.

What do you do for work?

I work in the Strategy and Business development unit in Ruukki Construction.

What kind of career path led you to this current position?

It all started when I was chosen to the Young Professional Trainee programme of Rautaruukki in the spring of 2011. After the trainee program in November 2011, I started working on tasks related to Market intelligence for the construction business. In January 2016 I was promoted to Strategy Manager in Ruukki Construction.

What have you studied?

I studied in Aalto University School of Economics, majoring in Economics, minoring in quantitative methods. I also studied international business during two international exchanges in Malaysia and Italy.

When did you join Ruukki?

I joined Ruukki in May 2011.

What do you like most about your current job?

I have the opportunity to do strategy work with people who have lots of experience. Doing strategy work gives me an excellent view to the core of the business and an opportunity to impact the strategy. Also the professional colleagues make Ruukki an excellent place to work.

How do you ensure your competencies are up to date?

I have a chance to work on challenging tasks that improve my professional development. Working together with people from various functions and countries has created an excellent learning network. In addition my own interest towards developing myself professionally, it enhances keeping competencies up to date.

One example of how you take safety into account in your everyday life:

I always wear a helmet when biking to work.

What challenges you in this job?

Stepping out of my comfort zone in new and varying tasks challenges me in my job. In strategy development it is essential to be in the swim of industry changes and challenge the ideas that are planned to be part of the strategy.

How do you work with customers?

I work indirectly with our end-customers. I follow construction market development and trends in my work. Changes in our customers’ behaviour reflect directly to market development.

Ruukki is a global company, how is this reflected in your role?

It impacts mainly in two ways. Communication is an essential part of the role. In my position it is necessary to communicate with my colleagues in different countries. Secondly, since changes in the macro environment impact our businesses, it is essential to be aware of and interested in both global and local trends in the construction market, as well as economic development.


What is your major contribution to Ruukki's success?

Analysing market environment and transferring information into concrete format to support decision-making in strategy and business development projects.

After the workday, what do you like to do?

I like doing any sports; football, cycling and skiing are my favorites.

Steel is everywhere - name your favorite (most used) steel product.



What advice would you give to a potential future colleague?

Have real interest towards the business and taking the company forward. This can be seen in the end result of your tasks and it will get you forward in your career.

Who would you like to send regards to?

To all my colleagues and Young Professionals who started the journey concurrently with me. The network we created with other Young professionals from day one has been very important both professionally and personally.