Architecture for ordinary people

Eva Krausová, Marketing and sales support CS, SK
Dec 21, 2018

If anyone thinks that architecture is only for construction professionals, they are wrong. I have a very good example from my home town of Košice, where I spend most my early years. Košice is the second biggest city in Slovakia and is located in the east part of the country.

Pereš Park, a new shopping centre, opened at the beginning of 2018. This was the biggest construction project in Pereš village history and used the most advanced building construction technologies. Pereš Park shopping centre is now among the most modern contemporary constructions that meet all requirements and standards. Ruukki delivered a ventilated façade for this building.

The building façade has already got lot of feedback, not only from the investor and the local municipality, but also from ordinary people – residents and the visitors. The appropriately chosen shape, materials, colours and details give the building character and personality, and good architecture is in harmony with and becomes an essential part of the surroundings. Ruukki, together with investor and building contractor K&C Group Košice, suggested the most suitable solutions and products, and delivered silver-colour sandwich panels with flat profiling and gold-colour Liberta elegant 500 rainscreen panels as façade claddings.

Pereš Park is the biggest investment in the history of the village and offers also extensive and convenient civic amenities, all under one roof.

Many obstacles before the finish-line

The local authority office presented the idea for the shopping centre and how to realise it  back in 2008. Unfortunately, the old culture house and local authority office built in the 1970s didn’t meet the requirements of the local municipality, and due to technically out-of-date materials it would have been a financial disaster to renovate the building.

After specifications for the building were completed, it was time to find an investor. That happened in 2011.

Fortunately, K&C Group Košice, a receptive, open-minded and intelligent investor and building contractor, wanted to develop Košice, one of the most important historical European trade junctions. The new shopping centre was built on the site of the old office building that was decided to demolish in October 2013. The estimated construction time was only 12 months but it took almost 3 years to get permission to construct the building. 17 October 2016 was finally recorded in the city annals as the day that the cornerstone of the new building was laid, attended by distinguished city representatives, the investor and the media community.

Once construction work got under way, the new three-storey building for Pereš Park was built in the village centre in almost a year and a day. Now the heart of the village beats and is alive again, and the new building brings a zone of culture, services and space for enjoyable moments for this village full of history.

Did you know this about my hometown?

The first written mention of Košice dates back to 1230. Visitors to the city can admire the beautiful architecture along the historical promenade. The 14th century gothic St. Elisabeth’s cathedral together with the streets, parks and courtyards of historical buildings in the city centre also contribute to the special atmosphere.

Košice is also the hometown of several Ruukki Slovakia employees! And in addition to its long history as a trade junction, it’s also known worldwide for the Košice Peace Marathon which has been held each year since 1924 (it’s the oldest marathon in Europe and the second oldest in the world).

You are also welcome to visit our beautiful and inspiring town! Read more about Košice and plan your visit at

Eva Krausová
Marketing and sales support CS, SK, Ruukki Slovakia

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