Maarja Raatma, Project Development Manager, Ruukki Estonia
Jun 15, 2018

There are several stakeholders involved in the building process. It sometimes seems that during stressful debates concerning the budget, deadlines and delivery times, everyone involved tends to forget that they all have a common target; A well-planned and well-built building. This building will have all their names attached to it for around 50 years.

Material suppliers need to remember that every project is special. The best solution for one project might be too high-level or not sufficient for another project. The best solutions should be found in cooperation with designers and owners at the beginning of the project.  Suppliers, as experts in their products, should never get tired of explaining all the bits and pieces to their partners.

Contractors should bear in mind that their clients essentially need someone they can trust. Contractors are responsible for the solutions chosen. A project that has shortcomings does not release a contractor from responsibility. Those with experience should consult owners, keeping in mind the whole lifecycle of the building. Especially when dealing with investors who are building for their own use.

Designers have the biggest impact on building design. Designers start from the scratch and should understand clients’ needs to meet their expectations. It is not possible to know it all, so it is good have curiosity and willingness to communicate and listen to experts from different fields.

Owners should really think through their expectations and needs. Time invested in the design process helps to save a lot of resources during the building phase. When choosing solutions, it is a good idea to remember that some investments will benefit in the long term. For example energy efficiency and expected maintenance costs. Choosing partners wisely is important. It is not easy to change horses in midstream.

It really is important to remember during the chaotic building process that everybody has the same goal. There will always be some mishaps, but cooperation helps a lot more than having conflicts.  The quality of the building process rests with all partners. It is vital to have open communication and trust in each other.

Maarja Raatma
Project Development Manager, Building Components, Ruukki Estonia

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