Meeting architects’ needs with new materials, more flexible products and custom solutions

Maarja Raatma, Project Development Manager, Ruukki Estonia
Dec 21, 2017

For us quality customer service is discussing ideas with architects, finding right materials and right solutions and making sample pieces. If then the project is finally produced and installed, we feel we have been a part of creating something great.

Sometimes this might take several years. For example the work with Estonian Film Museum started already in the beginning of 2015. And last delivery was made in the beginning of 2017. We advised architect how to achieve very classic and minimal look with Cor-Ten. Especially tricky was to find solution for Cor-Ten roof which is completely nontraditional. But now film museum is one of the most expressive public buildings opening this year. I’m sure it will become a landmark.

In our work we noticed that the trend in metal facades has been showing signs that standard color portfolio does not satisfy all customers’ needs. As we love to get involved with architects’ projects from very early stages, we picked up this signal and decided to become more flexible than ever.

Showroom helps architects to see and feel the materials

This fall, there has been a lot of action in our facade factory in Pärnu, Estonia. Not only our workmen have been busy as bees, but there have also been many construction workers and furniture installers working. The reason behind this is that our facade factory working on opening their very own showroom.

Besides our standard steel and Cor-Ten also all our new materials (stainless steel, copper, titanium zinc and many varieties of aluminum) have been tested out and best pieces will be showcased on the walls of the showroom. It will be a good place to meet our facade specialists and find answers to questions about metal facades.

Special solutions for buildings

In addition to new trends in materials, a lot of hours have also been invested into finding special solutions to architects’ ideas: triangles, three-dimensional pieces and special lamellas. Sometimes just a little change in standard products can give the new edge that is needed.

And we are also trying out a new way of thinking – we can look at our raw material as a sheet of paper. We can fold it to try out new solutions and then see if our staff and machines are able to do the same. In the showroom hallway for example we have a triangular façade element that has a change of depth form one end to another. Before figuring out the layout in a program it was helpful to fold it and find the shortcomings beforehand.

This showroom will become a home for all those new ideas and everybody is welcome to see the diversity that can be created with metal facades. We are happy to provide our expertise!

Stay tuned for opening news! In the meanwhile, take a look at the new facade materials and our new reference case, the Estonian Film Museum.


Maarja Raatma
Project Development Manager, Building Components, Ruukki Estonia

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