Branding - our employees are our brand identity

Tiina Tukia, Marketing and Communications, Ruukki
Jan 28, 2016

Our branding fundamentals

Having had the opportunity to work on many branding programs in global companies over the last 20 years, I feel once again excited and energised about the work at hand today. I do not believe there is only one right way to work with programs like this. There are no “brand schools”, and brand programs cannot be built up with theoretical descriptions with PowerPoints or Excel sheets. All the books that I have read about branding during the years are – at the end – saying the same: Brands exist in the customers’ mind. Then again, company identities are built by companies, or actually the people inside companies. For me these are the fundaments, which form a foundation for a successful program regardless of the industry or geography.

People in a digital age

I am fully aware about the opportunities that digitalisation is enabling (and if I don’t get it, my younger colleagues remind me immediately!). I understand that more people are online today than ever before and companies need to be there, too, of course. Great! But still, I always return to the core: the people. The people who meet other people – online or offline. The people who shake hands with other people. The people who tell stories to other people. The people who love what they do and want to serve as well as help customers to do better business. The people who keep customers coming back and ultimately transform the relationship to business. This is even truer in business to business environments, where deals are agreed between people. We can now do a lot of this online, however, there is a lot we cannot.

Our employees are our identity

In Ruukki Construction we want to drive the change and challenge the way we do business today. We want to re-write the story and re-define our identity – ultimately the Ruukki brand. All our end-customer segments from housing, retail to logistics and industrial are facing drastic transformations. Transformations due to changes in technology, consumer behaviour and increasing in popularity of greener as well as smarter solutions. I have spent hours discussing our identity with my colleagues in Ruukki around the organisation and in different countries. We have also discussed the value Ruukki offers with our partners and consumers. Our technological knowhow and willingness to drive the change is in our core. We understand that buildings are about people and our story must be about people, not buildings.

The Ruukki identity is defined by the employees of Ruukki, not in board meetings. This is how we feel it should be. If we do not define our identity honestly – from inside out – and tell our story, somebody will do it for us. Our employees represent our brand. Always and everywhere. Online and offline. We aim for a brand that would make us valuable to all our customers and partners.

This makes sense to us in Ruukki and I am happy to be part of it – building your tomorrow.

Tiina Tukia
Marketing and Communications, Ruukki

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