The biggest outcome from the Paris agreement to us was that it did not fail

Petteri Lautso, Customer Value Director, Ruukki
Jan 12, 2016

Like many other companies in the European construction and property sectors, Ruukki has for a long time seen climate change (along with the actions against it) as one of the biggest long-term change engines in our operating environment. Without the Paris Agreement, the willpower and motivation of those participating in the fight against climate change might have turned into frustration. The fact that the whole world now agrees to participate in this fight is a good cause for a collective sigh of relief.

Building competence in energy efficiency

Over the years we have actively gained valuable knowledge in energy efficiency, material efficiency and energy-efficient construction. This work will only make a difference in the big picture if we can successfully commercialise what knowledge we have and build new competence upon it.

In an industry like ours where the life span of the end product is very long and new technologies are adopted slowly, it helps a lot if we can rely on our view of the future. Building competence into our entire chain from R&D through sales to our customers takes time, faith and determination.

But most importantly, it requires a common goal. Had the Paris negotiations failed, we all would have had to start over by making sure that we are working towards the same purpose (and if that purpose is, in fact, correct). Now we can perhaps start assuming that more and more people share the same basic views on sustainability, energy-efficient building and concentrate on agreeing upon practical, concrete actions.

Window for developing sustainable construction and fighting climate change

Speed is essential, especially now. For all of us committed to more sustainable ways of developing our building stock, it is important not to miss this window. What will make the difference is whether we succeed in making a continuous change in the way we work and what we try to accomplish. If we succeed, the Paris Agreement can really turn out to be the start of a rapid change.

Petteri Lautso
Customer Value Director, Ruukki

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