Ruukki® facade systems

Ruukki® facade systems

New architectural facade systems

Ruukki® facade systems offer a wide range of complete wall systems for industrial and commercial construction. In addition to existing sandwich panel and energy panel systems, we also offer architectural facade systems that combine high standards of architecture with excellent energy efficiency.

Ruukki® facade systems are always all-inclusive deliveries, providing all required components for a complete installation.

Ruukki® Emotion – Playing with dimensions.

Ruukki® emotion is a complete facade system that consists of perforated cladding products and a support structures, with an integrated back lighting system.

The integrated system allows you to concentrate on architecture while we support you with:

  • Technical details
  • One expert to talk to
  • Predictable pricing from early design to final procurement
  • Solutions for all buildings, from large projects to smaller ones.


Playing with perforation and light

A wide range of perforation options, from full perforation to freely-designed art perforation, provides unlimited design options. Combine these with either a plain white backlighting or programmable coloured backlighting, and bring your facade to life.

Reference cases

Eeden - Shopping centre

Ruukki delivered the sandwich panels, design profiles and load-bearing roofing sheets for the building. The most impressive delivery was the gold-coloured, perforated façade.

Sports centre – Mariahallen

“It’s at its most impressive in the evening, when the lights are lit behind the steel rainscreen panels and the turquoise of the panels shines behind the perforated steel panels. During the day, the panel patterns create different looks depending from where you view the building.

DAMME shopping mall

Ruukki delivered a full façade system – Ruukki Emotion. System includes Ruukki Energy sandwich panels, special ALU profiles with built-in LED lights and special perforated façade claddings.

Art perforation

Is there a picture, pattern or shape you would like to have on your facade? Just send us the picture or drawing of your idea, and we’ll come back with a proposal as to how it would look when perforated on your facade. You will be amazed what we can create by using different perforation styles! Combine your pattern with light, and your facade will start living at nighttime! Art perforation is available for our rainscreen panels and cladding lamellas.

Symmetrical perforation

Do you prefer a simpler symmetrical perforation on your facade? Just choose the perforation hole size and centres, and that’s it! Combine your facade with light, which will bring a whole new dimension when the sun starts to set. Symmetrical perforation is available for our rainscreen panels and cladding lamellas.

Full perforation

Would you like to have a full perforation on your corrugated sheet facade? Choose your favourite one from our three pre-designed, cost-efficient options (perforation rates: 10%, 15% or 30%). Add light and create a ‘see-through’ facade that truly stands out - even on simple buildings. Full perforation is available for our design profiles.


Ruukki® emotion’s innovative backlighting system is integrated into the cladding support system. Lights are based on the latest high quality LED technology, which uses only a fraction of energy compared to traditional lights. The backlighting system comes with a warranty and 50,000-hour anticipated lifetime. Moreover, both the LEDs and the power units can be easily replaced when needed.

Backlighting is available in two options:

  • Coloured backlighting: lighting can be programmed to change colour as well as brightness
  • White backlighting: light is always white and is connected to the building automation system.
Both coloured and white backlighting systems can be used with all perforation options: art perforation, symmetrical perforation and full perforation.

Ruukki Forma™ – Shapes and colours. All ready to go.

Ruukki Forma™ is a complete facade system, combining our facade cladding products with the Ruukki® energy panel system. Ruukki Forma™ provides a wide range of aesthetic shape, material and colour options. High airtightness of the base structure - the Ruukki® energy panel system - can generate up to 30% savings in a building’s energy costs, and improves its energy class. 

The base structure is also available in highly sustainable Ruukki Life energy panel version, with appr. 80% recycled material content.

Quick installation of the base structure - the Ruukki® energy panel system - provides instant weather-cover for the building, while the cladding material can be installed later.

The Ruukki Forma™ all-inclusive delivery provides all required components for a complete wall installation.

Reference cases

Commercial building – Kaštanova showroom

Ruukki supplied a Ruukki Forma façade system that included silver-coloured sandwich panels used in the walls and gold-coloured Ruukki Liberta Elegant rainscreen panels used for the cladding.

Hurricane Factory

Ruukki delivered its Ruukki Forma façade system for this five-storey building. The system included both sandwich panels and façade claddings for the walls.

Arsenal Shopping Center

Ruukki Forma facade system – wool sandwich panels with special Cor-Ten lamella façade - help to achieve the industrial look for the new parts of the building.

Ruukki Forma™ documents

Ruukki Expression™ - Limited only by your imagination

Ruukki Expression™ is a complete facade system based on pictures and patterns taped on the outer skin of the Ruukki® energy panel system. Tapes can be through-coloured for various patterns and logos, or they can be printed using practically any picture. This creates an unlimited range of design options – limited only by your imagination! Just send us your proposal in the form of a photo or drawing, and we will come back with our proposal.

Printed tapes for:

  • Photos
  • Printed patterns.
Ruukki_Facade Systems_Ruukki FormaTM_CORTEN_420

Coloured tapes for:

  • Company logos
  • Texts
  • Patterns.
Ruukki Expression™ tapes are of very high quality, with excellent UV resistance. The taping work is done in our factory in dry conditions, to ensure high accuracy and excellent bonding. Panels are packed and delivered in the correct installation sequence with clear panel layout drawings.

High airtightness of the base structure, the Ruukki® energy panel system, generates up to 20% savings in a building’s energy costs and improves its energy class.

The Ruukki Expression™ system includes everything from design to complete delivery. 

Reference cases

Bilia carwash

The Ruukki Expression system includes prefabricated sandwich panels (570 m2) used in the walls and images in the façade of Bilia’s carwash. Also load-bearing sheets were delivered by Ruukki.

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